We Are Yes If

We help entrepreneurs grow their businesses through multiple strategies including acquisitions

Why we do what we do? We have been on the other side of the table. Over the last decade, the Yes If team has worked as entrepreneurs and acquired more than $100 million in revenue from multiple industries. It is that wealth of experience (both good and bad) that we bring to the table to help make the process more efficient and save money for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business through acquisitions or those looking to exit their businesses.

Who we do it for? Our clients are entrepreneurs who recognize opportunities in their industries as well as those who understand the benefits of monetizing their administrative departments and eliminating duplicative costs, which a company twice their size would endure. Yes If also helps entrepreneurs capitalize on the intangible value of a larger company, while at the same time not missing out on what is important to its owners and employees.

Your legacy. We work with entrepreneurs and their companies to define their legacies — not in a cliché way, but recognizing all the lives that are affected by a business and how we can build a legacy in a profitable way, ensuring future generations can benefit from the choices the company and its owner make today. Yes If helps create a culture where employees want to work for the company and one that attracts employees who believe in the vision of the company.

“63% of all businesses are owned by baby boomers.”

“76% of baby boomers expect to transition away from their business in the next 10 years.”

We are not Life Coaches. We are Entrepreneur Coaches.

We read, research, attend conferences, and are constantly learning. We have experience in succeeding and
in failing and have seen many different scenarios — let us share that experience to help you.
Game Theory / Idea Connector

Remove the bottleneck in your business, monetize your intangibles, and explore many options to help you grow exponentially.

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Acquisition Strategy / Exit Planning

We work with owners and your team, and determine the best approach to implement your acquisition strategy or develop and execute your exit plan.

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Entrepreneur Coaching / Speaking Engagements

Entrepreneur Coaching helps individuals move beyond business theory to apply and implement practices that achieve maximum results.

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