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We recommend these resources to our clients to help them succeed in building their businesses and their legacies.

Identify, Acquire, Repeat is your step by step guide to creating an acquisition strategy.

The Idea Journal comes in regular size or pocket size and can be customized to specific corporate colors for employees.

Identify, Acquire, Repeat


This playbook will walk you through all of the steps to create your own acquisition strategy for your company, or for your own investing.  Detailed examples on how to: (1) find businesses in any industry to acquire, (2) get business owners to answer your phone calls, (3) respond to objections throughout the negotiation process, (4) acquire businesses with no money down, and (5) integrate an acquired business into an existing business.

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Daily Idea Journal - 10 Ideas Per Day


Have you seen a product or idea on TV and thought “that was my idea!”. Have you ever wondered how you can increase the number of ideas you have? KEEP IT IN A JOURNAL: On one side you come up with the topic and write out ten ideas for that topic. There is space to draw out the product if you are visually inclined to do so. ACT NOW: Did one of the ideas strike a chord with you? Do you want to pursue it? Is it a viable idea?  When you analyze the idea, you can quickly determine if you want to pursue the idea or pass on it. Maybe it is not an idea for you, it is one you can share with a friend or just save for some point in the future when you are ready.

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Every Journal has an Idea Analysis


The point is to act now and stimulate your mind to come up with ideas every day.  Go through the Idea Analysis and figure out what problems it solves, who it solves it for, how long and how much will it cost? More importantly, does it address one of your primary needs as a person and align with your core values. What do you need to do in 30 days? What is the last step that needs to be done?

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Thinking, Fast and Slow


In the international bestseller renowned psychologist and winner of the Noble Prize in Economics Daniel Kahneman explains two systems that drive the way we think.

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The Brain: The Story of You


Renowned neuroscientist David Eagleman explores w hat is reality and how our life experiences shape our brains, and how our brains shape our lives.

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Built to Sell


John Warrillow explains the difficulties — and how to overcome them — for business owners to create a sellable company and to exit without negatively affecting the company’s value.

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“54% of CPAs will reach retirement age within the next three to five years”

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