Services Offered by Yes If

Our experienced team assists with your exit plan, acquisition strategy, and entrepreneur coaching.

Game Theory / Idea Connector. Yes If works with you to figure out how to fix the bottlenecks and pain points in your business, as well as how to leverage your existing intangible assets (many you may not know you have).  We take our experience, our network, idea generators, lateral thinking, and even apply game theory if needed.  We have worked with hundreds of companies in many different industries and different situations over the last decade, so we have a wide range of experience we can use to benefit your organization.

With the “Idea Connector,” we provide dozens of ideas and the steps to implement them within 30 days.  The choice is yours whether to implement one or all of them or not to try them at all. You only pay for the ideas you use.

We Buy Ugly Businesses. Yes If works with a team of investors, as well as consultants to acquire businesses for sale.  We then implement some strategies to improve the business.  Many we will keep and others we will sell the business to another investor or entrepreneur who is interested in owning their own business. 

Acquisition Strategy / Exit Planning. Yes If works with you and your team to determine the best approach to implement your acquisition strategy. This is a combination of looking for the right acquisition, the right structure of the acquisition and leveraging the acquisition for a truly long term benefit for the company. Most importantly, we help you plan the steps following the acquisition, which will be imperative to make sure you get the results you intended.

In addition, it is never too early to plan for your exit if you want to sell. With the proper structure in place, and if it has been set up correctly, you should be able to leave on your own terms, both financial and time constraint.

Entrepreneur Coaching / Speaking Engagements. Entrepreneur coaching is not life coaching or business coaching — it is a combination of the two, tying the aspects of each together for business owners, to make sure they are getting the most value out of their businesses. A key factor in entrepreneur coaching is making sure their time is aligned with their true values and what is important to them. We host Vision Retreats for families as well as Strategy Summits for your company, which help entrepreneurs develop personally and professionally. We can also speak on a myriad of subjects to your organization.

“The trucking industry has a 50,000-driver shortfall, and its expected to get larger.”